Apparat Bergen Animation Interview

Apparat: The Norwegian Values for Bergen's Animation Production

Kropka reports from the emerging Bergen animation studio and production company Apparat.

'I Walk My Own Paths': Interview with Mariusz Wilczyński

Mikhail Gurevich interviews the acclaimed Polish animation filmmaker Mariusz Wilczyński.

Sultana’s Dream, a Scream for a Balance: Interview With Isabel Herguera

Eliane Gordeeff talked to Isabel Herguera, director of 'Sultana's Dream' at the Weird Market in Valencia, Spain.

Juan Pablo Zaramella Talks 'Soy Nina', 'Passenger'

The Argentinian animator Juan Pablo Zaramella talks to Eliane Gordeeff for Zippy Frames.

'There's Always Conflict and Dichotomy': Interview with Theodore Ushev on 'Unseen Connections'

Bulgarian/Canadian Oscar-nominated auteur Theodore Ushev talks to Zippy Frames and Joseph Norman on the latest documentary 'Unseen Connections' by Borislav Kolev, this time being in front of the camera.

Garbage Man, The Memories of a Family: Interview with Laura Gonçalves

Eliane Gordeeff talked to Portuguese animation director Laura Gonçalvesfrom the BAP Animation Studio, for Zippy Frames, about 'The Garbage Man'.

Signe Baumane interview at Annecy Festival 2022

Telling Stories Is Like Breathing: A Conversation with Signe Baumane

Olga Bobrowska talks to Signe Baumane on Signe Baumane on the occasion of 'My Love Affair with Marriage' animation feature coming out at the festival circuit.

Paulina Zacharek (Animarkt) talks to Zippy Frames

StopMoLab Training Programme: Interview with Paulina Zacharek

Paulina Zacharek talks to Kropka about the new stop-motion training programme, StopMoLab.

David Doutel & Vasco Sa Portuguese animation directors on their Garrano short

Looking for Character: Interview with David Doutel and Vasco Sá

Eliane Gordeeff talked to David Doutel and Vasco Sá (BAP Animation Studio) for Zippy Frames, about 'Garrano', their recent production.

15 Swiss Animation Portraits for 2022

We went into a big tribute to Swiss Animation with respect to the celebration of Switzerland as the Annecy Festival's guest country. 15 Swiss animation artists and professionals were interviewed.

Getting to the Image, Getting to the Story: Interview with Marina Rosset (Swiss Animation Portraits 2022)

Olga Bobrowska talks to Marina Rosset. This talk is part of our Swiss Animation Portraits 2022 series.

A Talk with Fraser MacLean (Guest Article)

Hasan Pastaci talks to the animation artist, professional, and author of 'Setting the Scene', Fraser MacLean.


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