Stop Trik IFF, Niepolemice, Poland: Programme

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Discover the full programme of the 4th StopTrik IFF in Niepołomice, Poland (24-26 October 2014).

The Sense of Touch, Canuck Black win at 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

Also two Greek winners, Nassos Vakalis and Effie Pappa for the 4th Corfu fest. View all the winners.

Pavlatova, Marc Jousset, Polish animation at the 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

Review the programme highlights of the 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival, 16-19 October 2014.

Historia de Un Oso, My Stuffed Granny win 7.0 Animasyros awards

All the awards of the 7th Animasyros International Animation Festival and Forum, Greece.

Greek Animation: Quo Vadis?

Greek animation has its successes, but still needs to come out of the closet.

MONSTRA 2015, Lisbon: Call for entries

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MONSTRA 2015 is launching call for submissions.

Plympton Goes to Ireland's Dublin Animation Fest

Legendary Animator Bill Plympton will be the "Special Guest Animator" at Dublin Animation Film Festival.

The Bigger Picture, Oh Wal win at Swiss Fantoche

The Swiss festival Press release gave its top prize to a UK film.

Tom Mc Grath, Glen Keane, Big Hero 6 at the 2014 VIEW Conference

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tom-mcgrath-2010-san-diego-comic-conTom McGrath, the director of Madagascar series, the legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, and a presentation of Disney's Big Hero 6 are only some of the highlights of the Italian VIEW Conference.

Fantoche Presents War and Peace Theme, 2-7 September

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An emerging theme for the Swiss animation September fest.

Michaela Pavlátová at the 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

The Oscar-nominated Czech animator is an official guest of the Greek animation fest.

Fantoche Brings The Boxtrolls, Animation & Multimedia

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The new LAIKA feature will premiere at the the Swiss festival of Fantoche, and an animation and multimedia tribute is under way.

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