Nina Paley's Seder-Masochism Goes Online

The sophomore feature from the creator of Sita Sings the Blues is now available to watch in full.

FIRST LOOK: Breathless Animals by Lei Lei

All you need to know about US/Chinese artist Lei Lei and his feature experimental film, Breathless Animals, premiering at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival.

What To Expect From Czech Animation In 2019

An overview of the Czech animation production that will hit festivals and screens during 2019.

The Wolf House Tops MUBI Best of 2018 Films

The stop-motion Chilean feature is the on top of MUBI users' list for 2018.

Most Read: Our Top10 Articles for 2018

 Find out the top choices our readers made for 2018.

Børge Ring 1986 Interview on Animation, Anna and Bella

Watch the interview of Danish animator Børge Ring, talking about his Oscar-awarded short, Anna & Bella. RIP.

Gems of Hungarian Animation Online

The Hungarian Film Archive released restored versions of  Marcell Jankovics, Gyula Macskássy and Kati Macskássy's animated films. See the list.

3 Reasons Why: The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)

The late, Oscar-winning animation director Will Vinton took home to show Mark Twain's relevance to his contemporaries. Here's why the claymation effort still matters.

Hair Piece by Ayoka Chenzira Enters US National Film Registry

The 1984 short animated, Black women empowerment film joined the yearly slate of films deemed culturally significant for preservation.

Creepy Xmas Film Fest Unspools in NY

25 original films screening 1-25 Dec by Glass PIx.

Documentary: Koji Yamamura, Animator

Watch the new documentary on the Oscar-nominated Japanese artist Koji Yamamura by Archipel.

Miyu Gallery: The first Animation Gallery in Europe

The new gallery by the French production and distribution company opens its doors with a Simone Massi exhibition.

News from the independent animation production world

Calls addressed to animation project at the stage of development

Awards and prizes to European and independent animation films.


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