Animasyros 2010:The award goes to Twin Sisters

A film from Spain (puppets) was the big winner of the Animasyros festival in Greece.

The boy who wanted to be Tim Burton: TiM

Ken Turner directs a mesmerizing stop-motion film about a boy who wanted to become Tim Burton.

Estonian Crocodile gets the Cartoon D' Or

The highest European award for animation was a surprise winner.

The External world by David O'Reilly

Watch the exquisitely animated film of David O'Reilly.

Annie, don't get your gun: Disney leaves

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Variety reports that Disney is to withdraw from the prestigious Annie animation awards.

1.2 Million Children by Effie Pappa

Animation with a social face. Watch the short film of third world children and their dreams by Effie Pappa.

How bad is 3D?

In a moment when the industry has fallen in love with everything in 3D, there are some lone voices.

Annecy 2010: The awards

Australia and US share feature-length and short-length film respectively in the biggest animation festival in the world.

Waking Sleeping Beauty

The documentary film that brings the world of Disney executives into focus. Read Don Hahn's interview (producer of The Beauty and the Beast) at


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