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Short animation film Decorado by Alberto Vázquez is now available online.

The democracy at stake. Here's Rabbitland by Ana Nedeljkovic & Nikola Majdak jr.

A really gentle film in its unique way. Watch Analysis Paralysis by Anete Melece.

Find animation shorts made during our quarantine period. Our second part here.

Find animation shorts made during our quarantine period.

The last habitants of a village refuse to let themselves sink into oblivion. In a world where the idea of progress appears to be above all, this home floats. Here's Drop by Drop (Água Mole) by Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves

Sander Joon presens online his animation short Sounds Good, where a boom operator is trying to record the sound of mushrooms.

Hideous Henk is a Dutch animated pilot directed by Junaid Chundrigar. It is made for (young) adults, and is about a little ugly Chihuahua who gets adopted, making his life surprisingly worse than before.

A story of abuse in 2D animation in My Father's Room by Nari Yang.

Amanda Barbour interviews Ivana Radic on her stop-motion animation short Misplaced Memories (Zagubljena sjećanja).

Here's Egg animation short by Martina Scarpelli.

The making of and our film review for the French animation short Mémorable by Bruno Collet.

Konstantin Bronzit has finished his second short on loneliness and the universe, his Oscar-qualifying short, He Can't Live Without Cosmos. Our review.

A children's horror story proves more sentimental. Watch and read our film review for La Noria by Carlos Baena.

Being trans doesn't mean being typecast. Here's the review for the exquisitely dramatic Purpleboy animation short by Alexandre Siqueira.


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