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Some stains are hard to come off. Watch The Stained Clubby Supinfocom Rubika students.

Olga Bobrowska reviews the 2D film The Procession by Pascal Blanchet and animator Rodolphe Saint-Gelais.

 An animated short in Venice: Zippy Frames talks to David Štumpf and Michaela Mihályi about the new short to premiere at the 76th Biennale, SH_T Happens.

Frank Ternier presents Riot.

Olga Bobrowska reviews the new film by Regina Pessoa, Uncle Thomas: Accounting For the Days.

 A father, a son and a piece of luggage. Watch the bittersweet stop-motion film, Negative Space by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata.

Slovakian director Martin Smatana talks about The Kite.

What do you get when you order albatross soup? Here's Winnie Cheung on an animation documentary and a riddle at the same time.

Here's an excellently executed story of finally growing up by Estonian filmmaker Chintis Lundgren.

Stop-motion animation and clay summer from Greece. Here's the Annecy-selected Heatwave student film by Fokion Xenos.

Social realism in animation. Learn more about the upcoming Eddie and Frankie animation short from UK director Katherine Hearst.

A voice out of dreams to get in contact with the reality. Here's Contact  2D/3D animation short by Alessandro Novelli.

Mr. Kropka reviews Monachopsis by Kim Strandli.

A day in a life pencil tale. Watch Transparency by Daniel Šuljić.

Mr. Kropka reviews graduation short film Animals by Tue Sanggaard.


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