Chinese Animation book cover Olga Bobrowska

In Absolution of Puppets on Ideological Fronts: Review of ‘Chinese Animated Film and Ideology, 1940s-1970s: Fighting Puppets’ by Olga Bobrowska

Mikhail Gurevich reviews Olga Bobrowska's book on Chinese puppet animation, Chinese Animated Film and Ideology, 1940s-1970s: Fighting Puppets.

Suzanne Buchan Receives Animafest Zagreb Award

Suzanne Buchan Receives Animafest Zagreb Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies

World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb Festival Council decided to award the 2023 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies to Suzanne Buchan.

2x2 Animation Lecturer and Stage Leader Positions at UAL Central St. Martins, UK

Academic Jop position in animation from UAL: Central Saint Martins. All details

Rhode Island School of Design: Movement Lab Fellowship 2023

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Two fellowships for the animated study of movement at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Conference: Call for Talks

Academics and artists are invited to participate in the 2nd Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Conference(10 - 11 September 2022, online).

Vancouver Animation School Heads to the US

Vancouver Animation School (VANAS), has just opened its first office in the USA.

NFTS Gets Best Animation School Award at Animafest Zagreb

National Film and Television School (UK) is to be awarded the Best Animation School Award during the 2022 Animafest Zagreb.

Animation Scholar Rolf Giesen Gets Animafest Zagreb Award

Animation scholar Rolf Giesen will get the Animafest Zagreb 2022 for outstanding contributions to animation studies.

5 New Animation Shorts from The Animation Workshop

The latest animation shorts from The Animation Workshop premiere online.

Estonian Academy of Arts MA in Animation: Open House, 13 Jan 2022

Estonian Academy of Arts' Animation MA programme is hosting online Open House event on 13th January 2022.

Animation Historian Giannalberto Bendazzi Dies

The Italian animation historian, scholar and journalist, Giannalberto Bendazzi, has died.

Animation Position in the School of Creative Media, Hong Kong

School of Creative Media, University of Hong Kong seeks a Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Animation.


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