Moon Man review: Luminous and full of wonder

Moon Man is the adaptation of Tomi Ungerer's 1966 eponymous book, which has been translated into 12 languages since its publication in 1966.

From Up On Poppy Hill review: Postcard nostalgia

From Up on Poppy Hill is deeply rooted in Japanese traditions -in fact, so deeply that it almost suffocates.

Glitch In The Grid review: animated non-conformism

The US independent, experimental film Glitch In The Grid uses the stop-motion animation technique to guide through current age worries.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices review: next stop, land of the dead

Children Who Chase Lost Voices by Makoto Shinkai is a rich journey into the world of dead, full of adventure - but leaves  much to be sensed about life and the role of humans within.

Colorful review: guidelines for best soul incarnation

Colorful by Keiichi Hara makes the soul incarnation issue a tale of moral transformation, and is daring enough to visualize both sides of the moral coin.

The Tibetan Dog review: community and outsiders

The new film by the Japanese Masayuki Kojima and Madhouse presents a clearly defined story of responsibility (and soemtimes true love) between a boy and a dog.

O Apóstolo (The Apostle) review: Secrets and Pilgrimage Lies

A new Spanish, stop-motion feature film,O Apóstolo (The Apostle) has hit the festival circuit. Read the review on this medieval mystery film. 

A Monster in Paris review: We'll Always Have Paris

The French feature film A Monster in Paris is in reality a paean to Paris, but not to its citizens.

Le Tableau (The Painting) Review: The Colored Meaning of Life

Le Tableau (The Painting) by the French master Jean-François Laguionie can at the same time enchant the eye and capture the mind of the spectator.

A Letter to Momo review: Learn to forgive and forget

A Letter to Momo by the  Japanese director Hiroyuki Okiuru offers a compelling portrait of a young child in distress.

The Tragedy of Man by Marcell Jankovics Review

Daring, relentless and most of the times beautiful. Read the review of the 2h 39min opus of the Hungarian Marcell Jankovics, The Tragedy of Man.

Zarafa review: a boy through Mediterrenean history

 Review of the French animated feature film, Zarafa.


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