The US independent artist moves from the pitch-perfect black comedy of depression in Rocks in My Pockets to a new feature animated project.

Iranian animator Salman Arbaboon prepares his philosophical, hand-drawn short Prey.

bethere2017-logo-enThe Greek animation festival opens an indiegogo campaign towards its 6th edition in March 2017.

Support the UK independent (and brilliant) animation artist Bexie Bush in her online campaign and The Rumour Mill film.

The Kickstarter campaign for Ron Diamond's long established animation DVD compilation and theatrical tour screening.

The Spanish indie series satire Bendito Machine prepares its final episode and goes on Kickstarter.

An exceptional European talents asks for support for her latest animation short. Meet Elli Vuorinen.

US independent feature in the making. Learn about Patrick Cheh's Glow, and support the film's Kickstarter campaign.

Giovanni Maccelli and Zampanò Productions prepare Juan and the cloud. Read more about the stop-motion project, and a mystery short.

Sara Koppel and Naked Love film kick off their Kickstarter campaign for the erotic animated short, We Got Lost On The Other Side of Wilderness.

Frank Morales and his animated short film "Cardboard wounds". See how to support the 2D affective film.

Greek-based high school student and animator John Kamberai has assembled an impressive hand-crafted project and starts his own fundraising campaign at Indiegogo. Learn more about Abeo.

An original project by the Japanese independent animator, Mirai Mizue, initiates a Kickstarter campaign. Watch the trailer and learn more about Wonder.

Uli Meyer is determined to make an animated version of the celebrated (and anarchic) British cartoon series St. Trinians.


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